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DualVee® System

Flexibility & simplicity in design.

Easy to understand components. 

Ideal from clean room to sawmill.

W1X W2X W3X W4X T1 T2 T3 T4

DualVee® Linear Slide System

•  The DualVee® system exhibits up to 50% lower noise than round or square rail re-circulating ball guides.
•  Speeds in excess of 5.5 metres per second and accelrations in excess of 5 g's.
•  Designed to sweep aside debris.

•  Can be used without lubrication.
•  Buttable for unlimited stroke lengths.
•  Wide range of complementary components.
•  All sizes of track, guide wheels and bushings are generally in stock.



Original DualVee Linear Guide Wheels
  • Innovative double row angular contact ball bearing provides load carrying capacity in multiple directions
  • Cutting-edge technology designed to seal and shield internal rolling elements from external contaminants
  • Multiple sizing options to fit any industries load carrying requirements                                                                                         
DualVee Studded Linear Guide Wheels
  • Convenient and simplified installation option includes a guide wheel complete with an affixed threaded stud
  • Versatile low profile stud available for compact motion system needs
  • Increase torque capacity with larger threaded studs option
  • Availability for all versions of DualVee guide wheels                                                                                                                     
DualVee Linear Guide Track with Integrated Mounting Shoulder
  • Integrated mounting shoulder enable quick and accurate locating against a machined register
  • Accommodate high moment loads by mounting two parallel tracks in a wide spacing
  • Induction hardened track lengths up to 20 feet and unhardened soft track up to 22 feet long
  • Polished vee running surfaces “ensure smooth, low noise, and accurate operation
  • Choice of materials include general puropse carbon steel or corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Custom machining and plating options for your project needs                                                                                                    
  • Ease of installation and order refills
  • Increase of service life and load capacity
  • Included with lubrication system, durable stainless steel housing and all mounting hardware
  • Receive Bishop-Wisecarver exclusive lubricant designed to be used with DualVee Motion Technology products                         
  • Expertly designed to quickly and accurately mount guide wheels featuring thru hole bore designs
  • Multiple options to suit your needs, including round flange Concentric and hex flange Eccentric versions 
  • Adaptable fastening options, bushings may also be used with common fasteners
  • Versatile standard and low profile head height configurations available
  • High quality AISI 303 stainless steel for durable corrosion resistance                                                                                           
  • Freedom for adjustments from the opposite side of the mounting surface where access to the guide wheel is prohibitive
  • Incorporate bushing and fastener into a single element with washers and nuts included
  • Reduce the overall number of components per guide wheel
  • High quality AISI 303 stainless steel for durable corrosion resistance                                                                                           
Wheel Covers
  • Designed to last with polymer cover housing, lubricant, felt inserts and appropriate mounting hardware
  • Engineered to sweep away debris and apply lubricant track surfaces
  • Maximize service life, load capacity, and linear velocity
  • Minimize coefficient of friction, corrosion, and wear
  • Satisfy safety requirements by eliminating possible pinch points and protecting rolling elements                                              

DualVee Wheel Specifications 
DualVee Wheel Specifications
DualVee® Food & Pharmaceutical Guide Wheels
DualVee® Food and Pharmaceutical grade guide wheel bearings were designed for use where contact with food or consumables is technically unavoidable. Made from AISI 440C stainless steel with the latest seal shield technology for exceptional protection of the wheels inner components. Capable of the high load capacities and the reliability that have become synonymous with the DualVee name, the Food and Pharmaceutical wheels utilize Klubersynth UH1 14-151 lubricant that was developed specifically for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, is ISO 21469 certified and provides superior anti-wear properties, water resistance and corrosion resistance.
Food & Beverage Applications
  • Food Processing Machinery
  • Food Packaging Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Cosmetic Production Machines
Other Applications
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Form Fill Seal Machinery
  • Agriculture Harvesting & Processing
DualVee Food Pharma Wheel
DualVee® Vacuum Wheels 
DualVee® Vacuum Wheels are linear guide bearings with precision ground 90-degree surfaces for linear and rotary motion applications in vacuum environments and testing chambers. Made of vacuum compatible AISI440C and 304 stainless steel and grease, these guide wheels are capable of ultra-high vacuum down to 10-9 mbar. Mount on AISI303 DualVee® bushings and run on 90-degree AISI 420 track in single piece lengths up to 20 feet and available in two sizes with load capacities up to 1855N radially, and 440N axially, they are ideal for guided motion in challenging environments. The grease is Lubcon Ultratherm 2000 ultra high vacuum grease.
High Technology Applications
  • Research & Development
  • Materials Science
  • Chemical Vapor & Plasma Deposition
  • Semiconductor & Electronics Fabrication
  • High Attitude Testing and Simulation
  • Space Testing and Simulation
Other Applications
  • Life Science and Pharmaceutical
  • Filling, Encapsulating, Dosing
  • Package Sealing & Leak Testing
  • Degassing
Vacuum Wheel
DualVee® Washdown Wheels 
DualVee® Washdown Wheels are linear guide bearings designed for long service life in harsh high pressure washdown environments where processing machinery must be cleaned and sanitized. They are made form AISI440C stainless steel and feature a patented double seal design to keep fluids out of the internal area. The inner seal retains the bearing grease, and the outer seal is flexible to protect the bearing during high pressure washing. After washing the outer seal will relax to allow any fluids to drain. This unique design keeps bearing grease inside the wheel for a longer lifespan that traditional seal technology. The grease is Klubersynth UH1 14-151 for food safe compatibility where machine contact with food is unavoidable and is ISO21469 certified.
Washdown & Hygienic Applications
  • Chicken Production Machinery
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Beverage Packaging
  • Agriculture Processing Machinery
  • Packaging Equipment
Other Applications
  • Hygienic Requirements
  • Caustic Washdown
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Spraying, Washing, Cleaning
DualVee Washdown Linear Guide Wheel
Alternative for Simple Radial Loads 
MadeWell® Radial Wheels 
Do you need Bishop-Wisecarver quality, but only for simple loading conditions? We understand that not all projects require the full range of features that are guaranteed with our Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee Guide Wheels. For projects that still need reliable and smooth linear motion, but on a smaller scale, we are excited to offer MadeWell® Radial Wheels. An ideal solution for simple linear guide applications such as doors, windows, museum displays, cabinets, and automated elements.
  • Low cost & high performance
  • Creates smooth & quiet motion
    • Hardened and precision ground 90° vee
    • Use with DualVee linear guide track
  • Simply mount with screws and washers
  • Ideal for use in hanging load applications
    • Doors, windows, guards, and automation
MadeWell Radial Wheel

Standard stock items:  W1X (SS), W2X (SS), W3X (SS), W4X (SS)
Standard X (sealed) Wheels Temperature range: -35 to +120ºC (-31 to +248ºF)
High Temperature Wheels: -30 to +260ºC (-22 to +500ºF)
Low Temperature Wheels: -70 to +110ºC (-94 to +230ºF)

Single Edge Track:
Is available as AISI 1045 carbon steel (from stock) and 420 stainless steel.  At the Vee edge, a mounting shoulder is provided for quick reference during assembly. 

Bushings are time proven methods to affix DualVee guide wheels. They are available as eccentric and concentric versions to provide optimum adjustment for each individual application.

Wheel Covers:
To provide lubrication to the Vee interface between the track and the V bearing guide wheel to help keep your DualVee system running at its best.  The guide wheel is protected from direct contact with particulate or spray.

Like the wheel covers they provide lubrication to the Vee interface between the track anhd the V bearing guide wheel to help keep the whole system running smoothly.

Track Plate Assemblies:
Track plate assemblies combined your choice of single edge DualVee track with an easy to mount aluminium base.  The aluminium base is made from high precision aluminium alloy with an anodized coating.  Track plate assemblies are easily butt-joined for infinite lengths.

Wheel Plate Assemblies:
There are two choices for wheel plate assemblies, wiper wheel plates and basic wheel plates.  Wiper wheel plates are available with your choice of DualVee guide wheels and provide the lowest height solution.  Basic wheel plates are the more economical choice and are supplied with your choice of DualVee integral guide wheels, and either lubricators or wheel covers. Both the wiper wheel plate and the basic wheel plate are intended to run on track plate assemblies.

For full specifications please download PDF

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